Based in France and the United Kingdom, Roxel designs, develops, manufactures and sells solid propulsion systems and related equipment for all types of rockets and tactical and cruise missiles for air, sea and ground forces.


Roxel has proven capabilities in the chemistry of energetic materials and mechanical fields, offering its customers bespoke solutions for all elements of propulsion systems (structures, energetic and inert materials).




of the European market


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Proven competencies


Roxel’s competencies in propulsion systems cover integrated propulsion systems, energetic materials, inert materials and structures.

Our competencies

Market segments


Roxel has deep experience and propulsion systems know-how that is recognized worldwide (South America, Middle East, Europe, Asia, North America). Roxel has an impressive “portfolio” covering all the world market segments of missiles and rockets. Thanks to this expertise and experience, our company provides propulsion for the majority of existing and future missile programmes worldwide.
Roxel also provides products for aeronautics and aerospace markets, etc.

Market segments

Innovation propulsions systems


Innovation is the best way to retain a competitive advantage in the long term. Roxel designs, develops, produces and markets a wide range of high-technology defence systems for current and future airborne, ground-based, naval and space-based applications.


• Thrust modulation
• Signature control (stealth)
• Insensitive munitions

Innovative technologies

Sense of responsibility


Being a creator and supplier of products designed to defend (inter)national peace and security, as well as dismantling those products in accordance with safety procedures, generates a strong sense of ethics and responsibility.
Roxel strives to establish the most stringent standards of compliance, based on principles of legality, honesty, trust, performance, transparency, openness, integrity and responsibility.


Ethics and compliance are part of Roxel’s identity.

Code of ethics


  • Women In Engineering Day

    Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day at Roxel UK

    With this year’s theme, “Enhanced by Engineering,” Roxel UK will celebrate the outstanding achievements of our women in engineering roles at our Kidderminster site in Worcestershire, to promote more females into the career....
  • Roxel attending IEC< Edinburgh

    Roxel UK set to attend IEC Conference 2024

    The IEC Conference, which takes place from the 18th-20th June at the John McIntyre Conference Centre, The University of Edinburgh, is an international conference that explores the fundamental science of explosives and energetic materials. ...
  • Roxel UK presenting at EMTWG

    Roxel UK Presenting at the EMTWG Conference 2024

    We are proud to support and present at the next Energetic Materials Technology Working Group (EMTWG) on 13th to 16th May 2024 in Oslo....



The craftsmanship of our propulsion systems brings together countless talents, all experts in their field, to design, produce and market high-technology products worldwide.


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