Delegates from the NC Symposium


This year’s International Nitrocellulose Symposium on 21st – 23rd June organised by Roxel UK, discussed key topics surrounding formulating with nitrocellulose.

The forum, which was held at the Edgbaston Park Hotel in Birmingham, brought together industry, academia and government for the 9th International Nitrocellulose Symposium, reflecting on all aspects of nitrocellulose supply, characterisation, ageing, safety and formulation. Originally started in 2001, the Nitrocellulose Symposium was a UK working group on molecular weight determination, but now the conference has grown to 105 delegates from 45 organisations and 22 countries across the world.

Leading discussions, Dr Philip Gill, FRSC, Principle Propellant Chemist at Roxel UK explains “It was a three-day conference filled with important insights into nitrocellulose and its importance in the MOD industry. Alongside Adrian Banks, Managing Director at Roxel and colleagues Tom Bailey, Sian Layton and Richard Johnson, it was great to see so many leading figures from the industry at the symposium.”

Dr Gill adds, “The key takeaway messages from the symposium were that despite being invented almost 200 years ago, nitrocellulose continues to be an important material for industrial and defence applications.  This is an exciting time for the nitrocellulose industry; world events have resulted in an unprecedented demand and investment in nitrocellulose.  This was exactly the right moment for the scientific community to come together and discuss how we can formulate safer, cheaper and more sustainable products for the future”. 

Kidderminster-based Roxel UK is currently celebrating their 20th year in business as a world leader in propulsion systems for rockets and tactical and cruise missiles. Leading global discussions on all aspects of nitrocellulose indicates their commitment to the industry and the future of designing, developing and manufacturing solid propulsion systems and related equipment.

Roxel UK, which is part of the Roxel Group based in France, is a leading European company specialising in solid propulsion systems for aerospace and defence applications. The company has an impressive portfolio of capabilities that cover global market segments of missiles and rockets. Their strong reputation for expertise in propulsion systems ensures their involvement in many existing and future missile programmes worldwide.

For more information regarding the outcomes from the 9th International Nitrocellulose Symposium sponsored by Roxel UK, contact  or call +44 (0) 1562 828161.

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