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Question from Charlotte to Luke :

Do you mainly recruit in Engineering?

Answer by Luke to Charlotte :

Hi, The majority of our recruitment is within our Engineering Function. This is due to the technical nature of the skills and experience required to design and produce propulsion systems. However, we regularly have opportunities within Production and Business Support functions (HR, IT, Finance, Supply Chain and Facilities). Our site is very big so there is a lot of maintenance to do, both on the site and the manufacturing equipment. I’m in charge of Faculties and I have 15 direct employees in my team as well as overseeing on average 20 contractors.

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Question from Anonymous to Stacey :

Do you work all year round

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Question from Neil Mills to Luke :

Luke do you use external contractors to install or relocate machinery and carry out export packing.

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Question from Connor to Dan :

How innovative is Roxel as a company?

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Question from Jack to Stacey :

What company benefits will be available?

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Question from Jessica to Dan :

Will Roxel support me if I want to pursue additional qualifications?

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Question from Oliver to Luke :

Will I receive any training?

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